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Industry 4.0 – Internet of Things – Smart Production

Innovation & Sustainability
Digital innovations permeate all areas of our society and the modern economy. They determine corporate success and quality of service, ensure sustainability and create new and better jobs.

Drivers of success

Innovations are the drivers of success in our modern economy. They determine corporate success, impact the competitiveness of our economy and create new and better jobs. For Peter A. Bruck innovations - and thus, successful "research output" - are highly process-dependent. Innovation means added-value through knowledge.   


Complex systems research, data science and the processing of large amounts of data are key challenges facing the applied research sector in the field...
European Commission awards Microlearning project of RSA FG. The EDLAH service is based on individual empowerment, motivation and user engagement. It...
The Research Studio SAT is proud to have won the Best Paper Award at this year's 16th IEEE Conference on Business Informatics in Geneva. Written...
In museums, iPod and iPad apps have already widely replaced the classic audio guides. The international research project Edumotion, successfully...
Research Studio iSPACE – creative and reliable partner in international projects Mobility and housing costs at a click – successful conclusion of...
Increasing expectations at the workplace and the growing demand for new knowledge are defining characteristics of 21st century society. The need for...
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