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Smart Settlement Systems

ISPACE.forPLANNING operates as an international working group focusing on Smart Settlement Systems. Our team develops innovative spatial indicators, location evaluation models and planning tools. It also serves as a competent contact for current socially relevant topics. Spatial analyses optimize decision-making processes and are applied in urban and regional planning, mobility planning, spatial research, location and infrastructure planning, as well as strategic company planning.

Spatial development

ISPACE works with research and business partners to develop indicators and interactive web tools that are aimed at making planning strategies more transparent and underscoring them with figures and maps. This approach creates the foundations for strategic development and action planning in order to strengthen regional competitiveness and enable sustainable spatial development that ensures quality of life. Cross-sectoral trends and spatial development challenges such as climate change or demographic change are paid particular attention.

The integrative research focus of "Smart Settlement Systems" combines the latest technologies with requirements in the areas of spatial development, mobility, energy, infrastructure, society and also demography in a system-wide approach. With regard to planning processes, buildings and districts are analyzed much more closely in the context of the respective location profiles and the surrounding infrastructure (networks). The Studio aims to provide holistic and integrated solutions that take into account aspects of energy efficiency, environmentally sound mobility, land use and the quality of life of citizens.

Research Studio iSPACE-Smart Settlement Systems



Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0