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Basic Research Projects

AlpBC (Follow-up project to AlpHouse - Alpine building culture and ecology)

AlpBC is not an extension of the alphabet, but stands for "Alpine architectural culture - Holistic planning strategies for sustainable building and urban development in the Alpine region."


"eChallenges" will impart entrepreneurial know-how through very hands-on competitions. In the course of these challenges, students can gain valuable practical experience in handling entrepreneurial tools and managing interdisciplinary teamwork.

Get Inspired!

A virtual library consisting of interesting videos and podcasts will contribute to the students' entrepreneurial education and - above all - raise awareness for the subject of entrepreneurship among students.

SMELL: SME collaborative learning environment (eraSME)

The market-oriented R&D project SMELL will prototype a collaborative eLearning software system, adjusted to the needs of mobile and nomadic workers, primarily targeted at SMEs. SMELL will successfully incorporate small learning steps into everyday duties of employees right at their working (portable) desks. It will integrate with workflow management systems and use new generation mobile devices to make learning at work personalized, context-aware and task-related. Project management: Research Studio MINE

JILL: Just In time Learning pills for agile Learning environment at work

The research project JILL is a market-oriented R&D project which will prototype a software system for agile learning work environment. It integrates in a novel way learning with content and competency management. JILL builds on Learning Objects (self-contained, metadata tagged, reusable elearning units) and it uses MicroLearning approach (learning with small units and many repetitions) to successfully integrate small learning steps into the everyday work flow of employees just-in-time and right at their working desks. JILL will make learning at work personalized, context-aware and “just in time”. Project management: Research Studio MINE


Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0