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Partner for businesses and public authorities

Innovation requires customized solutions

Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft translates scientific expertise into practice-oriented solutions that benefit businesses, authorities and political institutions. Ideas and concepts are turned into marketable product prototypes or information bases for strategic decision-making. The result: increased efficiency of the employed infrastructure and services, coupled with cost-reduction. Together with their customers, Research Studios Austria FG develops future-oriented solutions. Its research is focused on windows of opportunity and "time to market" is the key criterion for the success of its research activities. Research Studios Austria is a partner in the field of applied geoinformatics, an expert in software technology research and the first stop when it comes to interactive and innovative advertising technologies. Its research and development activities provide unique mobile knowledge and learning applications for employees and apprentices, as well as transaction services for the eBusiness and eGovernment sector and knowledge tools for innovative startups.

Research-based consulting

Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft also assists its customers (industry, authorities and political institutions) in an advisory capacity. Its consulting services range from the assessment of needs and implementation of concepts to coaching during product and project development. The rapid prototyping model employed by the Research Studios makes it possible to quickly adapt to changing market needs. Thus, Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft provides its partners with practice-oriented and competitive solutions. Its reference projects span a wide variety of sectors and different types of businesses and organizations.



Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0