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Conceptual Modeling: Development Of Custom Software

Seamless data exchange for eGovernment and eBusiness
How can it be that entrepreneurs and citizens must fill out the same information time after time when dealing with public administration? Another example: have you ever felt annoyed at having to type up the content of Excel or Word files by hand, rather than being able to seamlessly transfer the data into your accounting program or client directory? This is not only time-consuming and expensive, but also a source of errors and often high costs.

Data delivered seamlessly from one IT system to another helps businesses to save time and money. The underlying technology is being developed by Research Studio IOS.
The solution to the problem: 'Interoperability', i.e. the ability of IT systems and applications to communicate with one another across platforms. Research Studio IOS makes this possible, specializing in interoperability between eGovernment and and eBusiness systems.

The researchers at Research Studio IOS deal with the development of custom software: a wide variety of software applications (from waste logistics to time recording) in companies and government agencies are modeled with the help of graphical modeling languages (e.g. UML) and ontologies. These methods enable (1) specification, (2) design, (3) visualization and (4) documentation of existing software systems, thus contributing significantly to the development of a wide range of software solutions. Christian Huemer, Head of Studio IOS: "We support companies and government agencies in the development of custom software."

Cloud computing: Studio IOS leads you to a new IT future

Have you exhausted the performance potential of your IT infrastructure? Do you wish to outsource infrastructure resources quickly and based on your needs? Are you looking for a flexible IT environment that meets the highest security demands? Do you want to save costs at the same time? Have you already heard about the potential of cloud computing, but aren’t sure how it works?
Studio IOS is a specialist and partner for innovative future IT solutions. Huemer: "New products and new sales channels pose new challenges for corporate IT environments. For us, cloud computing is not just a slogan or a short-lived hype. We see ourselves as a competent partner for cloud computing. Especially if companies are unsure of how they will design their IT future. And how they can benefit from cloud computing while saving time and money."


Research Studio IOS

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