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EU Project MORECO successfully concluded!

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Mobility and housing costs at a click – successful conclusion of the EU project MORECO.

Settlement and household calculators as innovative and practical research outputs.

During the final MORECO conference in Lyon (France) on June 17, Deputy Governor Dr. Astrid Rössler signed the Common Declaration together with further representatives of the MORECO project regions. The declaration aims to support sustainable settlement development and the reduction of motorized individual transport in the Alpine region.

Headed by lead partner SIR (Salzburg Institute for Spatial Planning & Housing), the project partners looked back on three years of successful collaboration and presented the main results of the project. Dagmar Schnürch of Research Studio iSPACE successfully presented the settlement calculator developed by Studio iSPACE.

The project: “MORECO” is an acronym for “mobility and residential costs” and is a transnational EU project with partners from Austria, Germany, France, Slovenia and Italy. The EU project is a landmark for Salzburg’s spatial planning and the development of public transport in the state. For the first time, citizens and decision makers can compare residential and mobility costs via Internet for free with a single click.

As a project partner of SIR, Research Studio iSPACE developed two cost calculators: the MORECO household budget calculator for people seeking housing and the MORECO settlement calculator for decision makers in municipalities, regional associations, regional planners and the housing economy.

The project results: the MORECO budget calculator has been online since autumn 2013 and can be used free of charge at Users can easily calculate their individual housing costs, mobility costs and the commute time on the way to work, to school, going shopping or during leisure activities based on their current place of residence or a planned housing project in the Federal State of Salzburg. Very positive feedback from users shows that the calculator fills an information gap for house hunters.

Feedback and further development proposals on the part of the user can be submitted directly via a “feedback” button.

The MORECO settlement calculator was launched with equal success and can be accessed at The settlement calculator supports mayors, municipal representatives, experts, such as regional and town planners, and the construction industry in the development of settlement in the Flachgau region. The settlement calculator serves to provide decision support for the development and dedication of new residential areas. The main focus of the evaluation of settlement areas is the connection of the future residential areas to public transport and frequently used infrastructure facilities such as schools, kindergartens, local suppliers, doctors, etc.

The MORECO settlement calculator uses current SAGIS data (the state’s geographical data) as the optimal basis for the assessment of planned settlements. The innovation lies in the fact that the data is automatically downloaded after a site is selected and the user need only specify a few parameters. This contributes significantly to the calculator’s ease of use and is not the case with comparable applications in Austria thus far.

In addition to the pilot region of Salzburg, the settlement calculator was already successfully implemented in other Alpine regions, including Jugovzhodna Slovenija (Slovenia), Rhône-Alpes (France) and Mantua (Italy). In the long term, the MORECO settlement calculator is to be expanded to all regions of Salzburg and become an integral part of the spatial planning of both state and municipalities.

Further MORECO activities are aimed at comprehensive information, consulting and awareness-raising.


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