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Know-how and tools for enterpreneurship

Promoting startups as innovators of the economy

Successful startups are a rarity at Austrian universities. Unlike the rest of Europe, where impressive examples continue to show that students with good business ideas can meet with resounding success and that company locations can evolve from small private dwellings to impressive corporate premises with many employees.

Research Studio eSPARK is laying the foundation for change in order to break Austria out of its rut as Europe’s worst-performing country in terms of startups and provide Austrian academic startups with the know-how they need. The Studio‘s mission: to ignite the "entrepreneurial spark" at universities.

Early-phase promotion of entrepreneurship and company startups

Students often come up with original business ideas. They are frequently at an advantage when it comes to brainstorming ideas for startups, as they are more ready to embrace risk and experiments than other founders. Austrian students and university graduates are no exception. However, the number of academic startups continues to be too low in Austria. The country’s high potential of creativity, inventiveness, pioneering spirit and diversity in development is still insufficiently utilized. "We’re not yet showing what we’re made of," emphasizes Nikolaus Franke, Head Scientist at Studios eSPARK. This is also due to the fact that only 1% of Austrian students are able to attend courses on entrepreneurship.

Systematic development of knowledge-based and technology-based potential for startups

Research Studio eSPARK aims to broadly promote entrepreneurial thinking and action at universities and to increase awareness of entrepreneurship as a career option. To this end, it is necessary to develop new methodological approaches. ICT-based methods provide exciting opportunities for interdisciplinary matching. To support these objectives, the Studio aims to foster networking and to take advantage of the resulting synergies. First and foremost, the Studio is addressing students of economics and technology-oriented subjects, but also corresponding faculty members. Other target groups include non-university research institutions and research and transfer centers. Existing startups and entrepreneurs are also being targeted, as they are considered particularly suitable role models - and need assistance with regard to entrepreneurial thinking and acting.


Research Studio eSPARK

Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0