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Innovation provides practice-oriented and affordable solutions 

Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft offers partners and customers practice-oriented and competitive solutions in a wide range of areas, including intelligent product recommender systems, multimedia memory technologies and innovative MicroLearning applications.

Knowledge that wants to be known: KnowledgePulse®

KnowledgePulse® is a mobile learning technology for mobile phones and computers that integrates very small learning steps into one’s daily workflow. Knowledge acquisition in businesses and organizations is supported by smart repetitive learning. Learning content is reviewed in small increments and stored in long-term memory.

The client-server system behind KnowledgePulse® features straightforward administration and makes knowledge acquisition visible using visually informative statistics.


Music you love: Clouds of Music

Clouds of Music develops innovative filter methods that serve to classify and regulate music. Well off the beaten path of the usual clichéd genres, songs are grouped on an Internet platform in order to make it easier for users to search for stylistically similar or thematically-related content. The resulting referral system creates so-called "music clusters" that are automatically generated on the basis of community activity and the music-related data available on the Web. These clusters evolve dynamically and apply across cultures.

Songs you find: Music Explorer (MEX)

Music Explorer expands everyone's musical horizons. It lets the user navigate an arbitrary collection of music in various ways. Automatic creation of playlists by the "playlist generator" (which is based on the analysis of the similarity between audio files) is one of the core components of Music Explorer.

Music Explorer supports the sales process in a sustainable manner, as both popular songs (charts hits) and unknown songs recommended in equal measure. Furthermore, the administration tool helps content administrators to generate special playlists or new variants of music selection (e.g. based on criteria such as moods or situations).


Recommendations you trust: easyrec®

easyrec® is short for "easy recommendations". The software offers companies in the e- and m-commerce sector an industry-independent, simple way of generating highly personalized recommendations of their products.

easyrec® focuses on ease of use and reduction of entry barriers via easy integration and extensibility. As free software, easyrec® is an ideal alternative to other products for small and medium-sized enterprises due to its affordability. easyrec® is currently the only open source product recommendation system that can be integrated into existing solutions straight out-of-the box..

Any webpage can be personalized with "easyrec®" in a very short time, while also minimizing financial risk and strenthening the company’s competitiveness. Users nevertheless enjoy the same marketing tools and distribution technologies that are used in large enterprises and can easily keep up with Internet big shots such as Amazon or ebay in terms of online service optimization.




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