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Smart 4D Environments

Research focus

In the area of Smart 4D Environments, iSPACE focuses on the development of models, concepts, adaptive workflows and implementation strategies for the development and implementation of 4D geodata infrastructures (4D GDIs)​​.

4D GDIs are now aimed at resilient (industrial) installation GDIs with high temporal and spatial resolution, as well as their digital data streams.

In the area of ​​geoinformatics, Research Studio iSPACE focuses on geodata infrastructures and near-real-time sensor data integration. The Studio's work is aimed at improving 'situational awareness' in environmental management, industry 4.0, Internet of Things, security management and risk assessment.

Spatial data infrastructures

Geodata infrastructures (GDIs) entail content-related and organizational measures for the utilization of spatio-temporal data and information assets in a technically standardized and semantically harmonized manner.

iSPACE collaborates with research and business partners to develop concepts and solutions for the integration, provisioning, evaluation and communication of geo-information in a way that is organizationally resilient and technically sustainable.

4D GDIs with high temporal and spatial resolution are regarded as key strategies to support the areas of indoor positioning, smart monitoring, virtual/augmented reality and contextualization with geo-semantically enhanced big geo-data linking.

Geo-sensor things IoT

iSPACE conducts research on semantically and technically coordinated integration, ad-hoc evaluation and communication/visualization of large amounts of 'localized' sensor measurements. These data flows constitute an essential building block for the further analysis of production and value chains.

Providing the industry, businesses and administrations with simple, barrier-free access in a harmonized/standardized form is essential for the broad and efficient use of sensor data streams.

Another key strength of iSPACE lies in the drafting and validation of transparent positioning strategies for mobile sensor measurements in indoor and outdoor areas. This enables near real-time, context-specific provisioning of sensor data in live mapping dashboards in order to facilitate decision-making, monitoring/controlling, visualization and simulation, acting as a bridge between the real world and its virtual counterparts.

Research Studio iSPACE-Smart 4D Environments


Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0