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Drivers of success

Guiding innovative research specifications and innovation management

Only an innovative society is fit for the future. Innovative enterprises, education, research companies and technology make up Austria’s backbone in international competition. And constitute the foundation of the country’s prosperity and employment.

New products, services and methods strengthen the global competitiveness of businesses. Innovations do not fall from the sky, however. They are the result of creativity, professionalism and targeted effort. But how can businesses boost their innovativeness in a sustainable manner? And how and with which partners can they increase the pace of innovation?

For 10 years, RSA FG has been supporting businesses in meeting this challenge and bringing innovations to the market quickly and unbureaucratically.


The cycle of innovation: pipeline in both directions

Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft constitutes a hub between university expertise, application-oriented research and businesses. It acts as a "pipeline" between science and economy. Headed by leading scientists, the Research Studios collaborate closely with their partners to find innovative answers to entrepreneurial research questions. Three types of projects shape the activities of RSA FG: (1) contract research for clients, (2) competitive research funded by the EU or national funding bodies and (3) independent basic research.


Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0