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Industry 4.0 – Internet of Things – Smart Production

Digital innovations permeate all areas of our society and the modern economy. They determine corporate success and quality of service, ensure sustainability and create new and better jobs.

For Peter A. Bruck, Chief Scientist and General Manager of RSA FG, innovations – and thus, successful "research output" – are highly process-dependent: "The innovations of the Research Studios are the result of a series of individual steps. Having a good idea is never enough. We must take users into account from the start. We view research questions from the angle of real problems. Smart solutions are only available when one changes one's perspective. The developer must maintain on-going dialogue with the users."

Agile research processes: Enterpreneurship and lean start-ups

The Research Studios at RSA FG continually optimize their research and work processes. We combine agility with result-orientation and accurate output.

The responsibilities of project and studio managers are implemented in an entrepreneurial approach.

While fundamental research deals with the methodological correctness and scientific novelty of an idea, the applied research at RSA FG focuses on understanding user needs and fulfilling them in an innovative manner. Thus, innovation and output orientation entail that the latest knowledge must be applied in a targeted manner and recombined in order to generate added value for customers.

RSA FG thus implements the core ideas of the lean start-up approach for high-tech ventures: We deliver innovative solutions because we learn from customers.


Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0