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Web of Needs

WEB OF NEEDS is an open communication infrastructure for organizations, enterprises and end users, which is being developed in the Research Studio Smart Agent Technologies (SAT). This communication infrastructure makes it possible to publish needs and offers on the Web and automatically get in touch with like-minded people or find suitable offers.
Paradigm change in the World Wide Web

Paradigm shift in the World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is increasingly becoming the medium of commerce. As such, however, it suffers from a fundamental asymmetry: while the range of goods on offer is immensely large, the number of explicitly formulated needs is very small. In addition, electronic marketplaces still function the same as the markets of antiquity, although the Internet-based business of the 21st century calls for a completely different approach to offers and needs.

Focus on needs

As a competent intermediary between science and business, Studio SAT looks back on many years of experience in the design and creation of personalization concepts for e- and m-commerce portals. The needs of the market participants on the World Wide Web are the Studio's main focus.

Finding instead of searching

Within the scope of the "Web of Needs", the research focus of Studio SAT lies on the needs of all market participants. The goal is to create an open system, in which offers and needs are published as equally important objects and automatic matching services automatically find the matching counterpart. In this way, suitable solutions shall be largely found automatically for complex and interdependent needs, such as flights and hotels for holidays.
By developing intuitive profiling and personalization tools, Research Studio SAT supports companies and users in a targeted manner and jointly develops approaches, tools and concepts for personalizing individual online activities. At the same time, psychological usability and interaction design methods ensure that the content actually reaches the users.

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